Cement cast of K52 at Newgrange, actual size, 30 cm long.

Me and my mythical
totem pole at Moytura 2000.

Plaster casts

In 1998 I was hired to go and work in Virginia in the U.S. As part of my job I learned to make plaster casts. I based the casts I made on early Irish art. I have four moulds which I brought home with me: the three main stones from Newgrange and a Sheela na Gig from Galway. Now, 10 years on I am still doing the odd casting session - they make great presents. I do plaster casts, which are light and can be painted - which are suitable for indoors; and cement casts, which look like the original stone, and are good for gardens.

Cement cast of a Sheela na Gig from Ballinderry castle near Tuam in County Galway.

Cement cast of Kerbstone 1 at Newgrange, actual size, 30 cm long.