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The Fire Eye Stone from Cairn I, Loughcrew.

Milwaukee - The Cave of the Sun

August 1998. America. Hot! Myself and my good friend Padraig Conway have been invited to participate in the Milwaukee Irish Festival, the biggest, we are told, in America. I am to give a series of slide shows and talks on the Irish stone age, which includes mythology and astronomy. However, though we are going to be in the Cultural tent, we have to make our own space for showing slides......

We arrived 10 days before the festival began, which gave us a bit of time. As usual, when we get together, things get a bit mad. We decided to build a cairn - The Cave of the Sun. It was something we had always wanted to do......

A painting of the keystone of Cairn T, Loughcrew by Padraig. This stone is lit by a beam of light from the rising sun twice a year, and by the full moon on certain dates. This image is blurry as Padraig had some thin veils of gauze over it. We decided to show an exhibition of life size images of Irish engraved stones. This and the Entrance Stone at Newgrange (top) were two pictures Padraig had been working on prior to the festival.

We decided to construct our sacred mound from styrafoam.......