A Basin Once Again !

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Another painting, this time the Fire Eye Stone from Cairn I, Loughcrew.

A stone from Loughcrew. As we created and assembled our mound, we also began knocking up paintings of Irish engraved stones. These are the oldest documents in Ireland. We based our paintings on rubbings, so they were pretty much life-size. This stone is from a destroyed cairn on Patrickstown Hill at Loughcrew. It is the only decorated stone remaining, and is considered to be a calendar stone. It was probably the backstone of a chamber which faced the summer solstice sunrise.

A shot of the chamber interior. There is a recess/alcove on the left. The basin was my creation, when I discovered we had an extra day near the end of the project. People who came in walked around the chamber clockwise. The basin was in the centre. The two images are a stone from Cairn L, Loughcrew, and K67, the pole star stone at Newgrange.