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The Bear - Spirit of the West

The Bear symbolises the West, direction of the Sunset, and the physical body of the Earth. The qualities associated with this direction are strength, endurance, introspection and solidity. Of the four elements Earth represents matter, and in humanity the physical body. The colour of the West is Black.

The carved designs come from the stone age cairn at Fourknocks near Naul in north Dublin. This cairn was used as a centre for healing and is a female site. The cairn may be aligned to the rising position of important stars, and whatever shone in there shone into Cairn K at Carrowkeel as it set. The Cairns in the Boyne Valley and at Fourknocks were probably among the last to be built in Ireland.

Beorn the woodsman is a character from The Hobbit. He was a shape changer who took on the form of a great bear. He lived in the Wilderlands on the western eves of Mirkwood.