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Ged - The Sparrowhawk
The Fire Clan

The Sparrowhawk is the totem of the Fire Clan, and covers the three lunar totems Falcon, Salmon and Owl. The Fire Clan are governed by elemental Fire. Fire is the element that symbolises the spiritual energy of the Sun. The Sparrowhawk represents Fire because, like the eagle, the birds of prey fly closest to the Sun, source of our light and life.

In Ireland the fire has been held sacred since the dawn of time. The great Beltine fire festival is held on the May cross-quarter day. Fires are lit and tended is an all night vigil on special mountain tops across the Sacred Island to greet the rising sun. The central bonfire of the Irish 'Fire Eye' is lit on the Hill of Uisneach in Co. Westmeath, long remembered as a great Druidic Fire Temple and assembly site.

Ged the Archmage is the central character in the Earthsea Trilogy. He was known as Sparrowhawk from childhood for he could call the birds of prey down from the mountain, knowing their true names.