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Grá - The Frog - The Water Clan

The Frog is the Clan Totem of Elemental Water and covers the three lunar totems Woodpecker, Snake, and Fox. As an amphibian, the frog was regarded as a special totem by Native Americans. The Frogs ability to live on land or in water links the elements Air with Earth through the conductive medium of Water. The Frog has a special place in European folklore where it often happens that a young prince has been transformed by dark magic into the form of a frog. When he meets a maiden who will kiss him, the spell is broken and the prince is set free to live happily ever after with the maiden.

Elemental Water represents the intuitive emotions, the endlessly flowing currents of energy which radiate from the heart of the Sun, which we experience as unconditional love. Green, a colour that most people would associate with the frog is the colour of the heart centre, the link between the higher and lower centres in the energy field. The blood, our water of life flows from the heart through every part of the body recharging cells with energies from the air.