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Gwaihir - Eagle - Spirit of the East

The Eagle is the Totem of the direction East on the Medicine Wheel. It is a powerful Totem which represents the direction of the sunrise, and is symbolic of illumination; opening up to new possibilities of consciousness with the growing power of the light of dawn.

The Eagle is the totem of the continent of North America, and symbolises the form taken by the supreme consciousness as seen by the Yaqui Indians described by Carlos Castanada in his novels. The colour of the East is yellow, the colour of sunshine and illumination.

Cruchan Aigle, The Eagle's Peak is the ancient name of Ireland's great Holy Mountain, Croagh Patrick. In the last century the north cliffs of Mayo was home to a host of eagles; we still have legends about the Old Eagle of Achill today, when all the eagles are gone.

In Tolkien's Middle Earth the Eagles are the most noble of all the winged creatures. Gwaihir the Windlord was the King of the Eagles during the great events of the Third Age of the Sun. The Eagle was known as the bird who flew closest to the sun and symbolises the powerful emanations of the Spiritual Mind of the Sun.