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Luc - The Mouse - Spirit of the South

The Mouse is the Spiritkeeper of the Kingdom of the South, the strong place of the noontime

Sun. South is the direction of Elemental water on the Medicine Wheel. The Mouse is shown in a cornfield at harvest time symbolising the abundance and fruitfulness of summer. The harvest mouse will gather the fallen ears of corn and store them up for the winter. The Mouse is known in Native American tradition as a great teacher with much wisdom to impart to those who will watch and listen. The mouse is especially known as a teacher of children. The colour associated with the South is red, the colour of the manifest world visible to us at the infra red end of the spectrum.

The central character of the Dune trilogy of novels, Paul Atrides took the desert mouse Muad'dib as his name totem for his qualities as a teacher and guide.