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The Breastplate of the Sons of God

The triple spiral carved in Ireland's misty pre-history on the entrance stone and interior of Newgrange, is an equivelant of the OM symbol found throughout the East. The Trinity is known by many names - Sun, Earth and Moon; Father, Son and Holy Ghost; Maiden, Mother and Crone; positive, negative and neutral. .

Newgrange may originally have been used as an initiation chamber, where potent cosmic vibrations were conducted to the initaite on the three days of the winter solstice when the Sun is reborn. The beam of sunlight, as it enters the darkness of the chamber, symbolises the illumination of the initiate when exposed to the forces of creation and light. It is likely that Newgrange was one of the last cairns that was built in a great chain that stretches from the West Coast to the Boyne Valley.