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Left, a slim standing stone near the top of a 62 meter hill at Carrowsteelagh. Right is the taller stone at Carrowtrasna, near Rathlackan Strand.

Three km north of the stone circles I found this slim and graceful standing stone. It's near the summit of a hill, 62 meters above sea level, and commands a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside. Again, a great view in to Sligo, with Knocknarea standing out on the horizon. The stone, including base setting would be about eight feet tall.

On my way here I passed another ruined monument, which may have been a court or wedge monument - it was hard to tell. The picture seems to have vanished in the hard drive.

Another standing stone (top right), though much taller, standing in Carrowtrasna on the south side of Lackan Strand. This stone is quite impressive, being 10 - 12 ft tall. It would have been visible to people out at sea in a boat, and may have been used as a guide or marker.