American Lectures brochure 1926

Ireland To-day, Political and Economic.
Irish Literature, Gaelic and English.
Ireland's Ancient Leadership in Europe.

Illustrated with slides.

Of all the men who played a part in the recent Irish National Revolution the most interesting and forceful personality is Fr Michael O'Flanagan. After the collapse of the insurrection of Easter Week 1916 and the execution of its leaders, it was he who rallied the people of Ireland, gathering them into the Sinn Féin organisation and in two years blotted out the old compromising political party which had held Ireland in its grip for a quarter of a century. He is therefore rightly known in Ireland as the Father of Dáil Éireann.

Since 1904 when he visited America for the first time, he has spoken to many hundreds of audiences all over the United States, Canada and Australia. Up to the present he has mainly appealed to Irish and Irish-Americans, but from now on he intends to address himself to the general American public. The fact that he is recognised as the moving spirit and the leading orator of the most dramatic National movement of our time will commend him to multitudes in America who love Ireland and who desire to gain a better understanding of the past history and present day problems of that fascinating country.


Cathal Brugha, first Chairman of Dail Eireann:

An sagart is dubhrachtaigh do mhair arimh in Eireann (The staunchest priest that ever lived in Ireland).

Eamonn de Valera, President of the Republic of Ireland:

Ireland owes its present strong position to Fr Michael O'Flanagan more than to any other living man.

Very Rev. Fr. Cavanagh, President of Notre Dame, Indiana:

Argument, wit, humour, eolquance, and the physical characteristics of the celt completed the charm. Long life to Fr Michael O'Flanagan, may his message go abroad in the land.

The Irish Times:

Rev. Michael O'Flanagan was the main driving force behind the candidate. For twelve days and nights he was up and down the constituency going like a whirlwind, and talking in impassioned language to people at every village and street corner and cross roads.

The Observer, London:

The Rev. Michael O'Flanagan ranks in Ireland and the world over as an orator of brilliancy, sincerity and honesty.

The Sunday Herald, Boston:

Many Irish and descendents of Irish have been aroused by this eloquent priest's thrilling words, which go straight to the heart and touch its slumbering patriotism, kindling it to a flame of love of country and nationality.

The Leader, Dublin:

He had wit like clear golden honey and he had charm. His thoughts were the thoughts of a nation builder, and he had delightful anecdotes. But need I describe Father O'Flanagan's speech? Are his speeches not known all over Ireland and in every country of the world in which the Irish reside?

Representative of the Gaelic League in America 1910 - 1912
Advent Preacher in Rome 1912
Lenten Preacher in Rome 1914
Member of Executive of Irish Agricultural Organisation Society 1916 - 1921
Vice-President of the Gaelic League 1920 - 1921
Acting President of Sinn Féin 1918 - 1919
Vice-President of Sinn Féin 1917 - 1927
Vice-President of Sinn Féin 1930 - 1931
Envoy of the Government of the Irish Republic in America and Australia 1921 - 1925.