Mick inlaying bog oak into the one of the symbols.

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Mellowoods Mythical Furniture

This is a life size replica of Kerbstone 67 at Newgrange in the Boyne Valley. A a lot of time, skill and and a high degree of workmanship went into the creation of this work.

The materials used to make this piece are beech, ash, elm, Irish oak , cherry, cedar and bog oak. The bog oak actually dates to around the time the symbols were engraved on the stone: 3,200 BC. The stone is made from a 3" (75 mm) thick slab of beech. The other timbers were used to inlay the various designs. All woods used were native to Ireland

Life size megalithic art. Picture by Leo Regan.

This unique item can be used as a functional table or a decorative wall piece. It would make an ideal executive or State gift. Mellowoods can make a range of pieces inspired by the historic and prehistoric art and design of ancient Ireland.

Bog oak being inlaid into the beech slab.