A lifesize tracing of Kerbstone 1 at Newgrange, black acrylic on paper, 1997. This painting is four meters long.

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Rubbings & paintings

This has been a hobby of mine for several years now, but not something I work on all the time, but rather in leaps and fits. I believe our ancient carvings from the Stone, Bronze and Early Christian periods were coloured. Their creators would have wanted to highlight their designs. I have a number of finished paintings which I bring along to talks and slideshows. All are currently on paper, but sometime I intend to do an outdoor version on fabric - many of these pieces are too big for inside!

Kerbstone 67 at Newgrange, lifesize, ink on paper, 1997.

Myself and Padraig Conway did an exhibit of megalithic art in Milwaukee in 1997, which I have added on it's own set of pages.

Some thoughts on ancient art:

On Carpets - G. I. Gurdjieff

He told me a great deal about carpets which, as he often said, represented one of the most ancient forms of art. He spoke of the ancient customs connected with carpet making in certain parts of Asia; of a whole village working together at one carpet; of winter evenings when all the villagers, young and old, gather together in one large building and, dividing into groups, sit or stand on the floor in an order previously known and determined by tradition. Each group then begins its own work. Some pick stones and splinters out of the wool. Others beat out the wool with sticks. A third group combs the wool. The fourth spins. The fifth dyes the wool. The sixth or maybe the twenty-sixth weaves the actual carpet. Men, women and children, old men and old women all have their own traditional work. And all the work is done to the accompanyment of music and singing. The women spinners with spindles in their hands dance a special dance as they work, and all the movements of all the people engaged in different work are like one movement in one and the same rhythm. Moreovereach locality has its own special tune, its own special songs and dances, connected with carpet making from time immemorial.

P. D. Ouspensky, In Search of the Miraculous, 1949

Three of the Seven Suns from Kerbstone 51 at Dowth.

A setion of a lifesize tracing of the remaining stone at Sess Kilgreen, a destroyed megalithic chamber in County Tyrone. This artwork bears many similarities wit native Australian artwork.