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Some new pictures of my totem pole. I haven't managed to do any work on it in nearly 10 years, though it is almost finished. It is a mix between Native American and Irish symbolism/mythology.

Starting from the bottom,we have Balor of the Evil Eye, the fearsome druid leader of the Formorians. Balor is surmounted by the Dagda, the father figure of the Tuatha De Danann. Next is the Morrigan , a war goddess and one of the Dagda's lovers, in her guise as a raven. At the top is Lugh of the Long Arm, grandson of Balor, and the character whom Luke Skywalker is modelled on.

The tree is a young sycamore, which came from Carrowcrory on the south side of the Bricklieves on Corran's Road (thanks to Jean Louis & Brigit). The wings are carved from a beech plank which I got off Mick O'Brien.

The pole is nearly finished, but I haven't managed to do any work on it in several years. It is currently standing in our attic in Cliffoney, with wings attached, waiting for me to sharpen up my chisels and finish it off. I noticed recently that it has caught woodworm from some of the timber in the attic (our house dates to about 1802), and I took these pictures in late 2009 as I was treating it.