The remains of Site 2 in the foreground. Beyone is the complete and well preserved Circle 1.

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Site 2

A number of scattered stones beside Site 1 are the probable remains of a destroyed circle, which was about 16 meters in diameter. The confusion of stones in the first few circles has led to confusion with the numbering of the Carrowmore sites. Stefan Bergh believes that there was only one circle here, which is where the confusion arises. Human bones were found here.

Site 3

There is not much evidence left for this site, and Bergh doubts it ever existed.

Borlase's report, 1895

"It is 52 feet in diameter. The stones are of great size, but the greater number of them have been removed to an adjoining wall. Human bones have also been discovered within this circle." - Petrie.

"Traces of this monument have almost entirely disappeared." - Wood. Martin. MS. "Letters," loc. cit.; R.S.M., pp. 21.

"The owner of the field in which the two last circles are situated recollects to have seen 5 large upright stones in a group at a distance of about 40 feet to the S.E. of the second circle, and which were removed to form the wall along the roadside, which is chiefly composed of such large stones. These were unquestionably the upright supporters of the cromleac of another circle." - Petrie.

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Looking west from the petite dolmen of Site 5 across Circle 4. Beyond are the scattered stones believed to have belonged to Circles 2 and 3.